Abid Mian Lal Mian Syed. Vision from the Inner Eye

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Abid Mian Lal Mian Syed. Vision from the Inner Eye

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Girl in red skipping rope, 1970s by Walter Blum

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Ara Güler ~Alfred Hitchcock, 1974

Our meeting was to be in his office at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, with all the normal precautions and rules.  Hitchcock was very imposing.  From the start, he was silent and reserved, no doubt thinking: why do I have to waste my time with a Turkish photographer?  Nonetheless, he soon changed his mind and joined the fun.  For the two whole hours the old elephant struck poses, mimed and looked for props to spice up the decor.  Hitchcock directed himself, crossed my field of view, thought up a new composition and dreamt up apparitions of himself, like those that were obligatory in his films.  A silent film, as it turned out, as we exchanged barely a word.  Everything was in gestures and looks.  He understood and I understood - something I have never had with another subject. - Ara Guler

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Li Lang. The Yi People, Riha Zhaojue Sichuan, 2002

Courtesy of A Thousand Plateaus Gallery, Chengdu


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Four ballet dancers in window..

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People often think of fire as a destructive force, and it can be. But fire also rejuvenates the land. Many grasses have evolved root systems that survive fires so they can be renewed, and some trees and other plants have seeds that only germinate after a fire has come through. Plus fires clean out old dead wood and other debris, making it easier for fresh plant life to grow. 

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Y公園で会いましょう | Let’s meet in Y park / JNTHED

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